Prepping Your Heating System For Fall

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August 13, 2018
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Prepping Your Heating System For Fall

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Fall 2018 is almost here, which means that the transition to heating from cooling is nearly upon us. Savor those weeks of perfect temperate weather where you don’t need your air conditioning unit anymore, but make sure you’re prepared to turn on your furnace soon!

Let’s go over some common signs that your heater is on its last legs:

  • The temperature in the home changes too slowly or not at all when the heat is on.
  • Your heat is making some eerie noises like bangs and scrapes.
  • You run out of hot water quickly in the sink or shower.
  • It’s just plain old. Heaters are only built to last around 15 years!
  • Heating costs seem to be raising for you, even though local rates for heat aren’t.

Once you get your furnace, boiler, and other home heating equipment properly checked out, you should decide with your local HVAC technician about next steps. Are your heating and cooling systems healthy as can be? Need a few little tune-ups? Or do they need partial or full replacement? Replacing your heating system can feel like a huge project just before autumn, but it’s worth the peace of mind when you’re busy during the onset of the cold holiday months. Here’s what to look for in a brand-new heater or boiler installation:

    1. A sturdy brand and material. Your HVAC contractor or heating professional can recommend sturdy makes.
    2. A price range that’s comfortable for you — a key point that your heating and cooling expert can help you pinpoint.
    3. Energy efficiency. Not only is energy efficiency great for environmental reasons, it’s easier on your wallet. Luckily, the technology is improving rapidly. New gas furnaces, for example, can sometimes work at 97% efficiency. On the lower end, by law modern furnaces have to run at 78% efficiency at their lowest.
    4. The right size for your needs. Don’t make the mistake of overestimating your heating needs and buying a too-big system or try to save money by under-estimating. Both can end in disaster.
    5. Technology within your know-how. It’s tempting to invest in the shiny new touchscreen Wi-Fi connected thermostats, but if you’re a type who’s easily confused by new technology you’re going to have a bad time.

Remember, the best way to not make a big mistake when buying a new furnace or heating installation is to give yourself time to make decisions and shop around. Don’t wait until the last minute to check up on your home heat.