Heating Cloquet MN

Maintaining your home's furnace is a year-round job -- and an important part of being a homeowner. Even during the summer months, your furnace can still experience damage, such as corrosion, due to lack of use. Failure to properly maintain your furnace not only negatively affects its performance, but can make running it a lot more expensive than it needs to be.

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Sound daunting or time-consuming? The experts at Randall's will be happy to take care of these chores for you, so why not give them a call today?

Here are three simple ways to keep your furnace in great working order all year long.

Schedule annual inspections

According to the website Angie's List, up to 75% of emergency calls to heating contractors during the winter are related to lack of regular and proper maintenance. Scheduling an annual inspection and staying on top of preventative maintenance can help to identify potential issues before they become problematic, which saves you money in the long run.

Change your filters regularly

Your furnace's filter will be changed during an annual service call, but it's also an easy task that homeowners can do themselves. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommended service guidelines regarding how often filters should be replaced. For example, Energy Star recommends changing filters every three months. Regularly changing your furnace's filters not only improves the air quality of your home, but also keeps your furnace running efficiently by allowing it to produce heat while using less energy.

Keep it clean

Your furnace's filter is able to capture the majority of the dirt and debris found in air, but some will inevitably get through. Therefore, you should also clean the blower assembly, pulleys, and other areas, while replacing the filter with a damp cloth. You can access this area simply by removing the panel covering the filter or sliding the fan unit out. Depending on your furnace, these may or may not be held in place by screws.