Every Year: Why Annual Inspections are Important for Every Home

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Every Year: Why Annual Inspections are Important for Every Home

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Many homeowners around the country make the mistake of becoming complacent with their well functioning home. In fact, not having your home looked at by a professional, even when everything appears to be running fine, can be a huge mistake. Something could be running on its last leg, efficiency could be improved, or maintenance could be needed. The untrained eye is going to miss a lot of these issues, but a multi-faceted professional, such as Randall’s Heating and Cooling in Cloquet, MN, can be invaluable in terms of their ability to take a look at your home to make sure everything is running smoothly. Listed below are a few reasons why your home (Or business) needs annual check ups.

Efficiency Is Important

If you are interested in saving money, checking your home’s efficiency can be invaluable. Lots of money is wasted around the country because of inefficient home heating and cooling (along with other things). An experienced professional can tell you how efficiently appliances such as HVAC units and water heaters are running. They can also provide the appropriate HVAC services and affordable plumbing services on the spot or at a later date. An air conditioning unit alone can make a home much more efficient or inefficient, depending on a number of variables. Regular maintenance can make your air conditioning much more efficient, and that is important, as $11 billion is spent on air conditioning alone in the US each year. Your expert may determine that a different type of air conditioner might be more suited to your home, such as a ductless mini split cooling and heating system, which can save the 30% of energy that is wasted by ducts.

Since 48% of the energy used in any given home in the United States is related to heating and cooling, imagine the money that could be saved by making them more efficient.

An Expert Can Catch Problems Before They Get Expensive

There are many things that can go wrong in a home: The furnace can stop working before (Or during) winter, the air conditioning can stop, a water heater can cause flooding, and many other situations can arise. While yearly check ups (Just like with the human body) aren’t a guarantee to prevent expensive problems, they can catch a lot of them. For example, furnaces generally last about 15 to 18 years. However, in Minnesota, furnaces are asked to do a lot more than in states farther south. Annual check ups starting after 6 to 8 years will likely prove beneficial. If the inspecting expert determines your furnace needs to be replaced in a couple years, you have time to save up money for that project instead of having it sprung upon you. You will also then have the opportunity to get it done before the cold hits. Relating to above, new furnaces are typically more efficient (Even up to 95% efficiency). if there is a problem with your pipes, your expert could recommend affordable plumbing services to get the problem taken care of.

Maintenance Can Be Performed

Whether your professional only provides heating and air conditioning services, affordable plumbing services, or does a little bit of everything, maintenance can be performed during these inspections. Finding an expert, such as Randall’s Heating and Cooling in Cloquet, MN, that performs many services, could prove to be invaluable for you. General home maintenance can be performed by companies like Randall’s as well, saving you more time and money.

Remember that, while annual inspections cost money in the short-term, they can predict/prevent long term problems before they pose an expensive threat. Call an expert today!